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It's not a matter of if you will consume radio, but where! On-Air, On-Line, and in the palm of your hand! TMV Cafe Radio can help do just that, but you have to make the first step and contact us today.

On-Air Audio Ads

15, 30, and 60 second branding spots. Multiple length spots will provide good frequency. Multiple length spots maximize your investment.

Display Ads

Put our listeners and web visitors one click away from your website, which privies a visual element. All your ad units will link to your website. (Ask about banner sizes.)


Why radio?
Radio is a lifestyle that makes it easy to pinpoint your target demographic.
Radio reaches all listeners closest to point-of-purchase.
35% of our listeners earn an average income of $75k per week. That's $17 billion per year in retail spending power.

Go beyond your town's boundaries with Radio Ads. The world is in the palm of your hands! 

Twilight Times Books

Visions of other worlds are conjured up through the synergy of books and your imagination.

Publisher and books sales

Fernando's Restaurant

Best kept little secret in Family Restaurants. Located at:

1302 US Highway 90 W

Castroville, Texas

Rhodes Artwork

Get your hands on your very own, personally painted artwork. 

Rhodes Artwork will take you to getting your own art, but also videos on watching the art being made.

Bronze Package

15 second audio commercial to be aired. (No guaranteed times.)

Meet the neighbors!

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