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Coming soon to Paperback and Hard Copy.

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New from EW Bradfute

Set against the backdrop of the idyllic town of Fairhaven in 19th-century England, “Whispers of the Heart” is a compelling narrative that challenges the conventions of its time. Amelia Caldwell, serving as a governess at Fairhaven Manor, and William Turner, the newly appointed steward, find themselves entwined in a clandestine relationship. Amidst mounting societal pressures and internal struggles, their bond intensifies. The discovery of a long-concealed family journal propels them on an odyssey of enlightenment and conviction. This story, rich in themes of devotion and sacrifice, captivates its audience, affirming the enduring power of true love to transcend all barriers.

On Kindle NOW! 

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Twilight Times Books

Twilight Times Books is a publisher of SF/F, literary and New Age books. Promoting excellence in writing and great literature.

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