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Do you want to submit music?

DJ on the Set


***Please note, we have a lot of emails that arrive daily, and some get lost in mix due to poor “Subject Line” statements. You should follow these instructions, should they not be followed your submission could be rejected.

Music Submissions:

1.    Put “Music Submission (Genre of Music)” in the subject line sent to


2.    In the email we need your permission to play your music on TMV Café Radio. If you have YouTube Videos and would like those on our video shows, please let us know your links and permission to play those too. (Please notify YouTube as well, that TMV Café Radio has permission to play your music too.) Sadly, this is an issue at times.


3.    We can only take MP3 formats for the DJ system, anything else will not get picked to be played. Please make sure your music is clean, no cursing/NO EXPLICIT Lyrics.


4.  If you would like to have your music featured on of the LIVE shows with a potential interview, please leave GOOD contact information.


5.    Finally, follow us on Facebook and tell EVERYONE to listen to TMV Café Radio.

We are stressing, we need express written permission from you to play your music and videos, if we do not have it, your music will not be played.   


***Important*** Please make sure you have the correct tags on your music so people can purchase it from the links or find out you who are. You DO NOT want it to show like this "#Currents" or a bunch of letters and numbers. You can fix that while saving to an MP3. If you would like to know how, we can inform you. 


Thank you for listening and supporting TMV Café Radio. We look forward to more years and more Indie Artists.  

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